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What inspires your writing? I love the world of human emotions. I am addicted to people-watching, which is my excuse for spending inordinate amounts of time in cafes. I write stories about love because love is the most important of all our emotions; it is what binds us and heals us and makes us whole. And I write romances because I refuse to write a story that doesn’t have a happy ever after.

Have you always been a writer? Yes, kind of. Before I could write, I drew my stories. Lots of pictures of princesses finding their prince. Other than that, I have had so many jobs I’ve lost count. Waitress, shop assistant, secretary, photographic model and occupational therapist amongst them. All were great apprenticeships for being a writer.

What was your worst job? That would have to be working for a company that recruited lawyers to top London law firms. I was only nineteen and had not a clue what to do. The owner of the company had the unfortunate surname, Balls. He would answer the phone with the words “Balls speaking.” Strangely enough, his wife refused to take his surname. I lasted one week in that job.

What was your best job? Other than being a writer, that has to be my work as an occupational therapist. I walked beside the most amazing, courageous people and helped them to rebuild their lives after illness, injury and mental health problems. I will never cease to be amazed at how wonderfully resilient people can be. That is always my greatest inspiration.

Where do you live? In Western Australia, in a small surfing town. But I grew up in a town just outside London, called Brentwood. (featured in the hit reality TV series, The Only Way Is Essex.) I am therefore a proud Essex-girl-cum-West-Australian hybrid.

How old are you? I did say ask me (almost) anything. Let’s just say I’m old enough to know better.

Is Davina your real name?  Davina is actually my middle name. My parents gave me what I thought was a rather boring first name. However, I do share it with the author of Pride And Prejudice so I shouldn’t complain.

What’s your favourite Food? Chocolate and anything with chilli in it. Chilli chocolate obviously tops the list.

Do you have a partner? Yes, I’m married to my own Aussie hero. He says I’m his souvenir from a year he spent in England. I beg to differ on that point.

What else do you love doing apart from writing? I grow things, mainly succulents because they are so forgiving and I do have a veggie patch. I still love to draw when I have time and take photographs, which I share on Instagram. Oh, and taking off for wild adventures in the outback of Australia.

Got any more questions? I promise to answer (almost) anything.

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