A Kiss for Carter — Sometimes Love is a Tall Story

One kiss… One crazy week…  is Carter Wells’ luck about to change?

He’s six-foot-six of soft heart, bad hair days and dating disasters. But now Carter (Carts to all his friends) has met his dream woman and he’s determined to make it work.

Judith has always settled for sub-par love, played peace-maker between her mum and sister and baked brownies to keep everyone happy. But now she’s falling for Carts and she’s determined to put her own needs first.

But when their first date turns into a disaster of gargantuan proportions and major family dramas erupt around them, it will take more than one magical kiss to save their budding relationship.

Are Carts and Judith destined to be apart forever? Or will the universe take pity on them and intervene?

Find out in this heart-warming third novel in The Laws of Love series.

A Kiss For Carter (The Laws of Love, Book 3)
The Feel-good rom/com series you’re bound to fall in love with.

A Kiss for Carter

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