The Alice Equation — Sometimes love is complicated

Three months of fake dating your best friend?

No problem…

Unless you are an anxiety-prone bookworm called Alice Montgomery, and you’ve had a secret crush on said best friend since uni.

Aaron Blake has no intention of falling for anyone, he’s pretty sure he missed out on the love gene. And certainly never, ever Alice. She’s his only friend-who-is-a-girl and he has no intention of messing that up.

But when Alice agrees to fake date Aaron to help him land a top attorney job, (on the condition he teaches her how to flirt) Aaron soon finds out that friendship first and attraction second is an equation he’d never done the math on.

And when secrets from the past surface with dramatic consequences, both Alice and Aaron will have to re-do the sums on this crazy little thing called love…

A sweet and steamy friends-to-lovers romance about finding love and finding out who you really are…

The Alice Equation

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