The Felicity Theory

Sometimes Love is a Journey.

He’s grumpy… She’s sunshine…  And they’re about to take a road trip across Australia.

Successful, handsome and a little bit OCD, finance guru Oliver Blake believes he has the perfect life.  Until his fiancée leaves him on their wedding day, and his carefully constructed world crumbles around him.

Still trying to piece his life together six months later, the last thing Oliver needs at his brother’s wedding is a bubbly British bridesmaid plunging his life into more chaos.

Felicity Green doesn’t believe in perfect.  She’s had enough disappointments to prove dreams don’t come true.  She has a theory— life is what you make it, and she’s determined to make her trip to Australia one big adventure.

Somehow, Oliver and Felicity find themselves in a combi van traveling across Australia. As they share confined sleeping arrangements and nights under the stars, it’s not long before the chemistry between them is sizzling off the charts.

En route to Sydney it seems that Oliver and Felicity may have stumbled on something almost perfect after all. until they meet a hurdle that just might be too big for either of them to overcome.

Will they find a way through this, or has their love met the end of a long dusty road?

For fans of Christina Lauren and Tessa Bailey comes this steamy heart- warming fourth book in The Laws of Love series.

The Felicity Theory

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