25 March

Write a million words.

How do we know when our writing has reached publication standard? It’s a question that many writers ask themselves early on in their careers. Whether you take the traditional path or the Indie road, the question is equally valid. As aspiring authors, we can be so invested in our writing, we are blind to major…

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17 December

The Write Support – Authors, D.D. Line and Kristine Charles talk about their passion for supporting writers.

Writing can be a very lonely profession.  At our desks, often into the wee small hours, we pen stories that we hope will touch people’s hearts.  But without support, it’s all too easy to lose our writing mojo and pile our half-written manuscripts into a corner, never to see the light of day again. It…

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29 October

Spellbound! Fall in love with spooky romance this Halloween.

  To be honest, as a kid I was never a fan of Halloween. Maybe because I had a colossally over-active imagination. I saw ghouls and ghosts lurking in every dark corner of my bedroom. I was positively OCD about closing cracks in the curtains so no warty-chinned witch could peer in, and locked my…

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24 September

INSPIRED BY THE OUTBACK – Rural Romance has it all.

During July and August, I had the good fortune to travel around the West Australian outback, taking photos, and hanging out with hubby in our tiny camper. (if you follow me on social media you may have seen my pics on Instagram and Facebook). I can tell you, some places we found were so remote…

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