13 December

The Elf Who Fell To Earth.

“Ouch!” A hard bump. Followed by a somersault. Tabitha’s eyes traced crazy circles, the light of a street lamp, stars in a velvet sky, and suddenly she was buried face deep in sweet smelling grass. Tabitha righted herself and gave her head a shake. Rubbed her neck, no damage to speak of. Guess it helped…

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16 August

Sweet and Sexy Romance novel extract

The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman. Seems you have to impress your readers pretty quickly. So here is the first 1200 words of “It started in Barbados” (working title only), a spicy roller-coaster of a romp between Criminal lawyer Annabel Prince and super sexy British aristocrat with a twist, Jeremy Delfante. Drop me a…

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15 August

What’s in a neck? A whole romance, that’s what!

This guy has been taunting me from billboards all over Western Australia, very hard not to be distracted on the freeway, I have to say. He’s inspired a steamy Australian outback romance of forbidden love I’m working on. Sadly I’m having to be put it on the back burner while I complete my current rom-com,…

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17 July

July Indie Romance Author Review

Why Indie? Because Indie authors don’t have the big wheel of an established publisher behind them, they’ve courageously put their novel out there, found editors, cover designers (or designed their own covers!) and had to market themselves from scratch. Mostly on a shoestring budget. (All my reviews are completely independent by the way). Sooo, July…

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09 July

Writing Seriously Sexy – With Style!

One of the big questions for me recently has been how to write sexy and erotic romance with style. So I’ve been reading a fair few steamy romances to get a real feel for it. I’m not going to share the worst, suffice it to say there was a lot of bumping, grinding, dripping, and…

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29 June


https://romanceaustralia.com/product/jade-little-gems-anthology-2018/ and Romance Writers of Australia Spicy Bites, Chains Anthology 2018. http://romanceaustralia.com/product/chains-spicy-bites-anthology-2018/ Keep checking in for short stories and extracts of upcoming novels.

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28 June

Reading romance makes you happier!

So those of us who can’t get enough of our handsome heroes and feisty heroines can hold our heads up high. And what about those of us who love writing it? well keep it coming… https://www.elitedaily.com/p/7-amazing-benefits-you-unknowingly-get-from-reading-romance-novels-2755616

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20 June

Flash Fiction

This one is under 100 words. I hope you enjoy it. FANTASY © Davina Stone   When he kissed me I knew. The way he tilted my chin between thumb and forefinger, the glitter of his eyes behind the mask. My breath hitched as his lips hovered then gently prised mine apart. His tongue stroked…

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17 June

If you’re serious about writing romance…

With great online courses, support from fellow writers including critique partners, guest writers, competitions and an annual conference, sitting in front of the computer screen doesn’t feel such a lonely place anymore. So happy to be selected as a finalist in both the Little Gems and Spicy Bites anthologies 2018. https://romanceaustralia.com/product/2018-anthology-set/

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