July Indie Romance Author Review

17 July

Why Indie?

Because Indie authors don’t have the big wheel of an established publisher behind them,

they’ve courageously put their novel out there, found editors, cover designers (or designed their own covers!) and had to market themselves from scratch. Mostly on a shoestring budget.

(All my reviews are completely independent by the way).

Sooo, July is a big shout for A.K. MacBride’s An Inconvenient Marriage.

Firstly, what a gorgeous cover, that made me want to read it straight off!

He Wanted Revenge

He Found Her Instead

That’s a great teaser!

From page one I was drawn in to this sweet and sexy modern day fairy tale.

From the first chapter when Zach marries Natalie to take revenge on her father for past wrongs to his family, the pace keeps humming along.

This is a sexy, sizzling read but it doesn’t lose sweet along the way and Zach and Natalie’s developing relationship is full of emotion. Zach is swoon-worthy of course and Natalie isn’t the girl she first appears to be. I won’t spoil the fun by saying more, but there are enough snippets of back story woven in to keep the plot moving along nicely.

A.K. MacBride has written a sexy, escapist and cute-as-pie read and I’m looking forward to many more from her. You can find An Inconvenient Marriage on Amazon